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Why Travel with us?

There is a wide choice of adventure travel tour programs in Kenya for you and your family that African Home Adventure travel has for you.  We’re here to help you experience it.  We take a personal interest in planning your ideal holiday and are interested in ensuring that the trip we custom-craft  for you specially. Take into account your entire group, family or as an independent traveller.  

  • Do you want to transform your travel dreams into exciting holidays but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you spent hours searching the web for travel options in Kenya yet still feel confused?
  • Do you long for a unique Kenya adventure to unite your family in a phenomenal shared experience?
  • Do you want someone you can trust to plan your holiday trip in the style and value you expect?
  • Do you want a peace of mind, security and comfort throughout your trip, knowing that someone is on call for any issues that may arise?

  After all, your adventure is our commitment at a pocket friendly deal!

Through our extensive network with local operators, coordinators and private guides, all contributing to native conservation efforts, we design journeys of every kind:

Wilderness and Wildlife: Whatever your passion is for Kenya adventure travel the possibilities are endless to.

Culture, History and Archaeology There’s no better way to get to the true heart of a country than through its people and history, to uncover different ways of life, stay with local peoples or tribes, visits to museums and Kenya national archives, encounter major sites of antiquity and little known gems.  Experience the nomad’s life in Kenya when visiting Masai mara, turukana, samburu to mention but a few, and the celebrated site of the Kenya’s. 

Stay with the locals and join in to some of Kenya’s best festivals and events that take place in various regions in Kenya these are the international camel derby, bull fighting in western Kenya, the dugong festival in lamu, donkey race, music festival among many others.

Then how can you afford to miss all this!!!!

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